For the past 3 years we’ve had this great opportunity to be part of the Family Portrait Day event at the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center in New York.  The first year was probably the most challenging as we didn’t really know what we got ourselves into – you can read about that here.  It’s a crazy weekend of setup and preparation to accommodate hundreds of family members who come out to spend the day with their children and get something that they would normally not be able to get — a professional family portrait taken.  All the hard work of the hospital staff, volunteers, nurses, therapists, and photographers is worth the smile you see on the faces of the families as they walk away with a cherished photo of their loved ones.  Truly a gift.

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  1. Jennifer Townsend says:

    Clark! These are beautiful photos!!! You are such a huge part of this event! Thank you for bringing so much joy to these families!!!

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