OneLight Workshop

March 1, 2012

In November I had the opportunity to host a workshop for Zack Arias. He is probably one of the most respected people in the photography industry. Zack’s OneLight workshop starts with the fundamentals of photography all the way through to some great lighting techniques. This workshop was great for photographers just staring out as well as seasoned pros. Zack’s way of teaching makes it easy for all to understand and grasp different lighting techniques which can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The workshop honestly is one of the more expensive workshops for photographers but having been to several different ones this is by far the most worthwhile to go to. Zack was not shy about answering any questions. He seemed to really care that everyone’s questions were answered and that all who attended understood everything he was teaching. —  For the workshop we needed 2 models to help. I called up a model that I had worked with before, Emily, who did great. The other model we used was a fellow photographer Josh Tyi, who was horrible as a model, just kidding Josh.

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