Patrick and Janelle came out from Virginia to visit family out here in The Woodlands and get their engagement photos done!  We had a great session all around the waterway.

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3 Responses to “Janelle & Patrick | The Woodlands Engagement”

  1. Colleen Forrester Dunleavy says:

    These are amazing. As mother of the bride, and in VA, its great to see this pictures. Wow!

  2. Christian Ianni says:

    These two look so happy and so beautiful together.

  3. Diane Forrester Goss says:

    I was blessed to be the first to see our beautiful Janelle (I was my Sister’s Labor Aide, but she did all the work!) We are delighted with the photos and so excited she and Patrick are to be married. Your camera caught them both! Well done!

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