Part two of Gina & Daniel’s wedding!  Their reception was at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott so we took a few minutes before heading in and did some pics along the waterway.

Beautiful flowers done by CM Floral Designs.

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81 Responses to “Gina & Daniel | The Woodlands Waterway Wedding”

  1. Gina Nardone-Hathaway says:

    The pictures are absolutely amazing!! Thank you guys so much for putting so much time, effort and fun (of course) into making this moment unforgettable!!!

  2. Norma Nardone says:

    Great pictures!

    Clark & Rica you’re the BEST!

    The day was beautiful…..which made the pictures look even better!!!

  3. Marie Reed says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Judi says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Beautiful Bride!!

  5. Karen Kline says:

    The pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Everyone is stunning, and the emotions of the day were certainly captured in print.

  6. Lou Ann Sanamo says:

    The pictures are beautiful!These are wonderful memories to cherish forever. The wedding was beautiful and everyone looked so happy.

  7. Bonnie fenn says:

    Gorgeous pictures. gorgeous couple. You guys look so happy.
    Enjoy your life together.

  8. Julie Berg says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  9. Corina Hammock says:

    The pictures showed a lot of class and my favorite was picture 2. Gorgeous ladies, beautiful flowers, handsome men, and the perfect couple!

  10. Sarah Schlacks says:

    The bride is breathtakingly beautiful! Super pictures!

  11. Beth Boudreaux says:

    Beautiful pictures! What wonderful memories for all of you!
    Best wishes as your journey together begins!

  12. lizzy salas says:

    beautiful pictures!!! love them all!!! great photography!!

  13. Alex Cartwright-Schultz says:

    Frames 7 & 11 are my favorite, but they’re all great! You guys look beautiful!!
    Congrats chica, your a WIFE!

  14. Susan Cantu says:

    EXQUISITE!!!! Very classy and elegant pictures of a very beautiful couple and entourage!
    Congratulations and Many Blessings to a beautiful future together!!!

  15. Ashley Celestino says:

    Best photography!! I want to fly you out to do my wedding 😉

  16. Linda says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  17. Jamie Straughan says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple! I LOVE the pictures along the waterway–gorgeous!

  18. angela says:

    LOVES IT YALLL LOOK GREAT! o wait so do i!!

  19. dillon Goggin says:

    Wow these pictures are really awesome, i wish I Couldve been there to see it too!

  20. melanie almand says:

    AWw Gina and Dan I love the pictures!! They look amazing. You guys are a beautiful couple!

  21. shelbi catlett says:

    These pictures are AMAZING!!!

  22. j.nardone says:

    What can I say…..What a beautiful couple!!!!
    Clark….you out did yourself!

  23. These photos are the best really captured a lot of personality! You guys really made my flowers look nice! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Kelly Patin says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  25. Janet Melton says:

    Amazing photos. What a wonderful family heirloom.

  26. Vicki Marsh says:

    OMG how beautiful! Gina & Dan make a perfect modeling couple! Also, love the pic with the guys jumping and the girls throwing a kiss!

  27. Alyssa Javier says:

    Love all of the pictures!

  28. Jimmy Hyten says:

    Clark, amazing job on the pictures!!! They look great. I should get you to take pictures at my wedding… wait…

  29. Nancy Dunnican says:

    Such beautiful pictures! I love the girls throwing the kisses!!

  30. Alyssa says:

    Soooo beautiful!! Everyone looks great!! I miss yall already!!

  31. Eric says:

    Hotties! Clark Lara is awesome

  32. nick nardone says:

    sweet pictures you are a stud

  33. Brian Hathaway says:

    Awesome pictures, awesome action shot, awesome people, awesome wedding 🙂

  34. cliff cavanaugh says:

    They are amazing pictures…. they look great….

  35. Brian says:

    Good job Clark (I kind of want to see the one where I was holding the flowers though..)

  36. Brittany Smith says:

    Beautiful, wish I could have been there.

  37. Courtney Celestino says:

    SOOOO PRETTY!!!!! I love them Gina you look beautiful!

  38. Meryl McWilliams says:

    The pictures look AWESOME!! You two look so great together!!

  39. Shantella says:

    Wonderful pics!

  40. Allie says:

    These are beautiful!

  41. Dianne Butcher says:

    Great work!

  42. Sharon Pastusek says:

    What wonderful pictures. The wedding party is gorgeous and the familiar background of the Woodlands is fun to see in a whole new light.

  43. Denise Johnson says:

    The bride and groom look storybook perfect! The variety of pictures will be a treasure to have. Best wishes Gina & Daniel.

  44. Chris Gohl says:

    Had a really great time!! All of you girls look beautiful in the pictures! Hope to see you guys soon, come visit!!!

  45. Laura Celestino says:

    Awesome pictures!! You did an amazing job and we had a great time at the wedding! Can’t wait to see more pics….

  46. Hugh Celestino says:

    Great job Clark and Rica!

  47. peter celestino says:

    Great pictures. Wish we could of been there.

  48. carmen celestino says:

    Great pictures!

  49. Crystal Butcher says:

    The junior bridesmaid was really cute. oops that was me. Great pictures guys!

  50. Lacey says:

    Great Pictures, Great Wedding, it was all fabulous!
    Is there any way other guests (cough, cough!) can see the pictures to possibly purchase? I wanted to possibly purchase one for an anniversary picture of me and my b/f and also a group picture?
    Thanks & look forward to asking you to do my wedding! (in the future)

  51. Jordenne P. says:

    The pictures are stunning!

  52. Sally says:

    These pictures are beautiful!!!!

  53. Amanda says:

    i love juxtaposition of the urban setting and bright lighting with the elegant and lively wedding party. what a revelation!

  54. fetaine says:

    awesome pictures!

  55. Heath says:


  56. Lani Grady says:

    Everything was so beautiful! Congrats again you guys!

  57. Felicia Stevens says:


  58. Rachel says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  59. Daniel Hathaway says:

    Great Pictures! Everyone loved them! We’re so glad you got to share the day with us!

  60. Philip Petty says:

    Great Pictures! I wish i could have been there.

  61. Sadaf says:

    These are gorgeous!

  62. Pamela says:

    Gorgeous couple. Beautiful wedding. Amazing representation of both. 🙂

  63. Stephanie says:

    Such a beautiful couple and party! What an amazing job you did!!

  64. Lillian says:

    OMG these are amazing pics!!! Beautiful couple!

  65. Mallory says:

    Love your photography style! Very impressive!

  66. Soraya says:

    Precious memories.

  67. Peter says:

    Beautiful couple. Beautiful moments. Beautiful memories. 🙂

  68. Silvio Gomez says:

    The pics look great!!! Clark you did a very good job.

  69. Casandra says:

    These pictures are wonderful. I am so sad i missed the wedding. Clark you did an amazing job.

  70. Alex says:

    Wonderful pictures. I wish y’all the best.

  71. Sandra says:

    These pictures are wonderful!!

  72. Sarah says:

    These are amazing photographs!

  73. Tony Paiz says:

    Great pictures! Sorry I missed the wedding.

  74. Ledrich Oller says:

    Everyone looks great.. Really captured the moment!

  75. Chris Mock says:

    Awesome picture quality, everyone’s personality was captured perfectly!

  76. Kristen says:

    The pictures are GORGEOUS!

  77. Rachel M says:

    These pictures are beautiful! What amazing photography skills! 🙂

  78. Jim Hathaway says:

    Awesome couple, awesome photographers, and what an awesome day!

  79. Linda Hathaway says:

    Thank you so much, Clark & Rica, for recording this wonderful day in our lives in such fine detail and with so much creativity.

  80. Jim Hathaway says:

    Clark & Rica, no one could have done a better job of capturing this special day for our son and our “little ray of sunshine”!

  81. Marlot Shook says:

    What beautiful pictures to have for wonderful memories. Oh, what a beautiful bride!

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