Nicole and David had their wedding at Our Lady of the Cedars.  I had been there once before for David’s sister’s wedding a few years ago… I love getting family referrals for weddings! The wedding was a great and David even got a gift from the pastor during the ceremony, a new fish to add to their tank! Very funny! The only crazy thing was the weather, all of the sudden the temperature dropped and it was crazy windy. So we did not get a chance to take any photos outside. But they made up for that on the dance floor. They also had some amazing Lebanese food from Cafe Byblos.

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26 Responses to “Nicole & David | Houston Wedding”

  1. Nicole Issa says:

    I love these pictures! You guys are the best! That’s TWO weddings that have been immortalized beautifully.

  2. Monica Palmer says:

    Nick, these are awesome. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy everything to come. Oh, and my favorites are the ones of the makeup stylist doing your lips and hair.

  3. David Issa says:

    OH my… that picture of Nicky looking back at the camera is just lovely. Damned shame about the husband though.

  4. Debbie Freeman says:

    The pictures are great. Congratulations!

  5. Adi says:

    Gorgeous pictures! The ones of the ceremony came out really well, and the reception ones are awesome.

  6. Nicole Matous says:

    I love the one where you are giving the devilish grin….so you!!! They are great photos!

  7. Daniel Fleming says:

    Looking Good!!!!!

  8. Suzanne Fleming says:

    As we can all see, Clark is super talented since he made us all actually look good.

  9. Terri Congdon says:

    I’ve always known my Nicole was beautiful, however your talented eye captured it for everyone to see what I see.

  10. Justin Burke says:

    Nice Wedding Pictures!

  11. sallie says:

    Beautiful pictures, lovely work!

  12. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful wedding. The pictures are fabulous. Must have had a wonderful photographer. Congratulations to both of you.

  13. Michael says:

    Beautiful Pictures! So glad I was there to celebrate with you.

  14. Crystal says:

    What a stunning couple! Your wedding looks so elegant! Everyone looks like they were having lots of fun! I love Lebanese food!

  15. Rick Congdon says:

    Very nice job!

  16. brittany maughan says:

    love them

  17. chris maughan says:

    sorry i could not be there but the picture captured everything so beautifully

  18. Alli says:

    You both look so happy… Really you’re both too cute. Thanks for letting me be a part of your wonderful day.

  19. Hayley McZ says:

    The gummi worm ring pic makes me so happy! Love ’em!

  20. Pilar says:

    What beautiful pictures! Congratulations, you two!

  21. Gail says:

    Wow those pictures are amazing!! You look so beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful, loving life!!!

  22. Claire says:


  23. Jill says:

    So cute! Have a great life!

  24. Katie says:

    Cute pics!

  25. Katrina says:

    these are really cute, congratulations!

  26. michael gambino says:

    you look so pretty in these pictures Nicky, congratulations and have a happy marriage.

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