Miss Isabel

October 20, 2009

Isabel was the first session of the day for the Images for a Cure event.  We’ve met Isabel before and even saw her the day before the shoot since she brought her doberman named Raven in for the Furry Friends Photo Op… and every time we see her she’s a total ham!  When we saw her for the doggy shoot she wanted to pet our dog Cooper, and even gave him a treat from Raven’s treat bag… as she was leaving she told us that Cooper winked at her when she said bye.  It was very cute.  So we figured she would be ready to ham it up for her own photo session the next day. Well her turn in front of the camera came around and she was surprisingly shy!  Come to find out, that morning when she woke up, her front tooth had become VERY loose and I guess she was trying to keep it hanging on!  We did get some great shots of Isabel and her smile….and a few crazy faces towards the end too.  By the way- as soon as the session was over, she walked over to her mom and handed her the tooth that she just pulled out. Yup. Classic.






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3 Responses to “Miss Isabel”

  1. Deseree Probasco says:

    Clark! You are a genius. How did you get these wonderful pictures from that squirmy, fussy, gorgeous little diva? I love the frame- and that little pout- so her! Thanks for having a great sense of humor and boatloads of talent!

  2. Jenn says:

    These are great! The last grid set of photos are cute. Glad to see you make such good use of that frame from the market! 🙂

  3. Deseree Probasco says:

    Isabel’s comment on these pictures was “oh, look at that snaggle-tooth.” She laughed about it though- I would too if the tooth fairy brought me $5 for every tooth I lost, especially when the tooth fairy comes to Granny’s house. She was impressed with your ability to make it look like Mom disappeared from the frame shot. 🙂

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