Venue:  Turquoise Bay Resort















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7 Responses to “Destination Wedding – Roatan, Honduras”

  1. Leslie Brandt says:

    Love these pictures! What a beautiful place to have a wedding. Congrats to the couple!! You look much inlove.

  2. natalie diaz says:

    wow…… i love the the wedding picture i’m currently looking to have my brother an sister in law wedding in roatan please can you email me info thanks natalie

  3. lesly says:

    Love the place, the pictures!! I want to get married In Roatan. Can you help me and tell me where to do it? please tell me if the photographer of your wedding live in the isle? Thanks so much.

  4. Angela says:

    Love Love your pictures specially this gallery from Roatan, you see i’m raised and born in Honduras, Tegucigalpa and since my whole family is there i’m planning on having a wedding in roatan it will be easier for everyone close to my heart. If you have time, do you mind giving me more info on where in Roatan they had their wedding and also i want to know if maybe in the future i could contact you to do my wedding as well. Thank you!!!

  5. wedding says:

    Wonderful venue love the place cause i love going to beaches. The wedding was so fantastic and very simple that signifies their outfits purely white being pure.

  6. Destiny Cooper says:

    Beautiful Pictures! I’m wanting to get married in my hometown, Utila. It’s right next to Roatan. Do you live in Roatan or was this just a one time deal? If you are available, maybe we can work something out?

  7. Steph says:

    Yes, I also plan on getting married in Roatan and I was wondering if you are on the island?

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